Flea Management

In our never ending search for information on how to keep our pets healthy both in shelters and in forever homes we like to see what the experts are saying about managing common pet issues. Veterinarians are passionate about pets and often have some great information on their clinic websites to specifically help us manage these common problems.

With the warmer months fast approaching one issue that seems likely to raise its ugly head is that of fleas. Although they are a problem year round it does seem like more of an issue for most pet owners in summer. A great online article we found tells us that ‘the answer to a flea free pet is simple; prevention’. It encourages us to understand more about the way fleas work so that we can best keep them off our precious furry friends!

The vets tell us that it’s essential to break the lifecycle of fleas in order to rid our households of them. Fleas breed at an accelerated rate and at any point could be the adult fleas you see on your pets or alternatively the eggs and larvae you don’t see in your carpets & furniture. They maintain that although there are many flea prevention products available in the market you need to get the product that is most suitable for your pet.

To check out the whole article, learn more about fleas, why they do what they do and see some suggestions around products to prevent them click the following link.

We found it useful and we hope you do too!