Pets in Crisis

Sadly, pets are also affected by domestic violence.  They are readily available and silent targets for violence, and can be used to manipulate the victim by threatening harm to the pet.  They can also suffer from emotional abuse in the home – your pet will be fully aware of the emotional pain and heartbreak within the home, and will also be affected by it.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, pets cannot always be taken into crisis care shelters, and this can mean that a situation is prolonged because the victims don’t want to leave the pet in danger.  Recognising this, there are some organisations who can help in these emergency situations, until the situation is resolved and the pet can be reunited with their family.

We hope you never need to use this information, however if you do, or know someone who does…

If you have further information on options for pets in crisis, please let us know and we’ll update the page.




Support available for pets in crisis


Call: For more information please email or phone (02) 9782 4408.


DV connect can help anyone in a domestic violence situation find emergency accommodation and refer people to RSPCA QLD for emergency pet accommodation or foster care for pets in crisis.

Call 1800 811 811


We currently don’t have any information for WA pets in crisis. If you know of any, please contact us and we’ll update this page!


If it is not an emergency and you need help, there are a number of telephone numbers you can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or services you can contact.

Crisis Care Helpline
Telephone (08) 9223 1111 or free call 1800 199 008

Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline
Telephone (08) 9223 1199 or free call 1800 000 599

Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline (including for referral to a women’s refuge)
Telephone (08) 9223 1188 or free call 1800 007 339

Sexual Assault Resource Centre
Telephone (08) 9340 1828 or free call 1800 199 888