What We Do

As a peak body and advocate for pet welfare, the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation (APWF) provides evidence-based solutions within the community to save the lives of pets and people.

Australian Pet Welfare Foundation’s primary activity is influencing key stakeholders in government, welfare agencies, veterinary professionals and community leaders. This is achieved by sharing evidenced-based information on best practice to save lives in shelters and pounds through changed policy and legislation.

Australian Pet Welfare Foundation founder and Emeritus Professor, Jacquie Rand speak at key conferences attended by government animal control personnel, animal welfare agencies, veterinarians, community leaders and media.  This is a powerful platform for sharing the most recent science-based knowledge to promote changes in policy and legislation to reduce euthanasia of adoptable animals and pets in pounds and shelters.

Many of the activities involve Australian Pet Welfare Foundation holding face-to-face meetings with key stakeholders in animal welfare, governments, associated businesses, veterinary associations and the community across Australia to initiate changes to save lives.

As advocates for change Australian Pet Welfare Foundation promotes to businesses, policies to improve animal welfare, for example, advocating a ‘Pets are Welcome’ policy for all rental properties, and for pet shops to only provide rescue dogs and cats for sale.

The studies that Australian Pet Welfare Foundation support demonstrates the benefit of pets in peoples’ lives and improve community mental and social health. With new knowledge through research, APWF identifies where a gap is and shares this knowledge with key stakeholders. Australian Pet Welfare Foundation also supports studies which benefit the health of pets through improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention of major diseases which afflict dogs and cats.



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