Become a Pet Supporter



The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation is committed to building a safer world for pets. Tragically, up to 50% of dogs, and 85-95% of cats do not leave some municipal pounds alive. Most of these pets are treatable and adoptable.

Help us to support research projects that:

  • Identify effective strategies to reduce the numbers of unwanted pets entering animal shelters and pounds. The most effective way to reduce euthanasia is to reduce intake into shelters.
  • Research and implement strategies to increase the number of unwanted pets that find new homes, and reunite lost pets with their owners. Innovative practices in shelters have a major impact on the numbers of dogs and cats that can be re-homed.
  • Share the latest research findings on best-practice in animal management strategies with animal welfare agencies, governments, communities and universities.

When everyone takes responsibility for the unwanted and homeless pet  problem in their community, and holds their local council and welfare group to best practice for management of their pound and shelter, live release rates of greater than 90% are achievable!

With your help, we can save these vulnerable animals.