Bob’s Story



Bob was young, boisterous and enthusiastic about everyone he came across – jumping up and giving them a lick.

He was found wandering on the street, and no owner came to claim him from the pound. Bob’s life depended not on his behaviour or how old or healthy he was, but on which pound or shelter he went to. Some shelters and pounds have live release rates of over 90%, while others kill more than every second dog and 85-95% of cats.

But with the right strategies, young healthy dogs like Bob will find a loving home. Bob was lucky. The pound he went to worked closely with rescue groups and a foster carer gave him a temporary home and taught him to be a good canine citizen – to walk on a lead, to sit and come when called. Soon he was a model companion and was adopted into a loving home who continued his training and enjoyed his enthusiasm about life.

We can help…Through the Foundation’s research and education programs on strategies that the pounds and shelters can implement, we can help them achieve save rates of over 93%.  Everyone benefits – the animals, their carers, the community, animal welfare agencies and municipal pounds.