Enrich Lives

The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation supports projects that focus on enhancing the benefits of the human-animal bond for people, pets and our communities.

Pet ownership is proven to significantly improve our health by reducing doctor’s visits and reducing medication prescribed for common health problems. So powerful is the human-animal bond, that it is estimated that the positive impacts of pet ownership saves the nation more than $1.6 billion dollars in health care costs annually in Australia. ( Headey, B., 1999)

The unique bond we share with our pets enriches our lives, our physical health, and our emotional well-being. Pets can help to reduce stress, prevent heart disease, and relieve loneliness and depression.

This very special connection between people and pets has the potential to help so many others. It is vital there is scientific proof to aid expansion of special projects in schools, government, private and community organisations working with disadvantaged and vulnerable Australians.

Without scientific data, these programs are unable to get the funding they need to expand to offer help to all who would benefit.

Funding to support studies that enrich human-pet relationships is largely non-existent in Australia.