Susan’s Story



Susan lost her job when the company she worked for went bankrupt. Fortunately, she was offered a new one – but it was more than a two-hour commute from home.

The obvious solution was to find a new home closer to her job. But Susan couldn’t find a single rental property that was both affordable and pet-friendly. She was forced to choose between losing her beloved pets, Betty and Lucky, or travelling five hours each day for work.

Like most of us, Susan simply couldn’t bear to part with the dogs she had raised and loved, so she opted for the exhausting commute.

Then one night, disaster struck. During her long drive home from work, an exhausted Susan lost concentration and narrowly avoided causing a terrible accident. She simply couldn’t keep this up.

Her only choice was to move. When she couldn’t find them a home, she faced an impossible choice: to surrender her beloved Betty and Lucky to the local animal shelter, or to become homeless and live in her car.

No-pet rental policies have a terrible impact on people like Susan and her beloved dogs. Will you please donate to help change the law, and save the lives of pets like Betty and Lucky?

Contribute today towards a happier, healthier and ‘paws approved’ Australia.

33% of people rent in Australia and approximately 60% own a dog or a cat but only 10% of rental properties around Australia allow pets.

The inability to find rental accommodation is one of the main reasons dogs and cats are surrendered to councils and pounds each year and it costs the life of about 30,000 dogs and cats

We can help…APWF is lobbying for changes so real estate agencies allow pets as a norm rather than an exception. Pet ownership has huge health care savings for the community – dog and cat owners visit doctors less and use less medication for heart disease high blood pressure high cholesterol and insomnia.