Phoenix's Story

Why at the age of only 19 months old, did Phoenix end up being surrendered at the local council pound?

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Phoenix was a gentle, sensitive, healthy, tail-wagging dog who wanted to please – a genuine best friend. Why, at the age of only 19 months old, did she end up being surrendered at the local council pound?

Perhaps the owners faced financial challenges or a marriage breakup. Maybe the only accommodation  the owners could find would not allow pets.

Time in a pound is a tremendously stressful experience for any dog. Dealing with the constant barking and whimpering and howling of other stressed and confused dogs. What’s more, Phoenix was literally days away from a certain death because the pound was full and needed to empty cages to fill with new dogs..

Animal shelters and pounds do not have the space or resources to cope with amount of animals that are homeless, or surrendered. Tragically, they are forced to kill on average 140,000 dogs and cats in Australia every year.

At the last minute Phoenix was rescued. Most rewarding of all was that Phoenix found a ‘forever home’ with a loving family.

Phoenix’s story illustrates why the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation was founded and why we need your support, so many more animals can have a happy ending too.

The Foundation works with governments, shelters, pounds and communities to improve the statistics for dogs like Phoenix, and provide evidenced-based strategies to help save more lives. Sadly 100,000 treatable and adoptable dogs and cats are still killed in Australian shelters and pounds every year. That is 100,000 lives that could be saved by doing things differently.  So please help us help more dogs like Phoenix by giving a gift today.