Strategies for Saving Lives in Shelters and Pounds

The homeless and unwanted pet problem is significant, with an estimated 140,000 cats and dogs euthanased annually in Australian shelters and pounds. 100,000 of these are treatable and adoptable. Euthanasia of treatable and adoptable pets is a global problem, with similar statistics in the USA to those of Australia; euthanasia rates of 6-10 per 1000 human population occur in both countries.

The greatest impact on decreasing euthanasia is when animal welfare agencies and councils focus on decreasing the number of animals entering shelters and pounds. Directing resources into reducing intake ultimately saves animal welfare agencies and municipal councils money.  It costs shelters and pounds between $250 to more than $1000 to admit, hold for the minimum period, and rehome or euthanase an animal, depending on the time it is held and treatment it needs.

When everyone takes responsibility for the unwanted and homeless pet problem in their community, and holds their local council and welfare group to best practice for management of their pound and shelter, live release rates of greater than 90% are achievable!

Strategies to DECREASE ENTRY of homeless and unwanted pets into shelters and pounds

Strategies to INCREASE REHOMING rates from shelters and pounds