The Present (Short Film)

This short film about a boy and a disabled dog is winning hearts and awards everywhere.

CGI Animated Short Film HD: “The Present Short Film” by Jacob Frey

It’s the twist you never saw coming, right? If you’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing dogs you’ll know just how much there is to learn from these loyal, forgiving and loving animals. They remind us all to live every single day to the fullest, and the adorable pooch in ‘The Present’ is no exception. It’s no surprise that this short film won the makers 59 awards and job offers at Walt Disney and Pixar!

Though the dog in this video only had three legs, he was no less deserving of love than any other dog, and fortunately he found it in the boy. Sadly, not all dogs are so lucky. Every day dogs and cats are cast aside and find themselves lonely and confused in shelters across Australia. The animals in our lives do so much for us and we can return their unconditional love by making our next four (or three) legged best friend a rescue.

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