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Some exciting news for cats.

The Australian Pet Welfare Foundation in conjunction with the University of Queensland has conducted research into Capture-Desexing-Return work being done in Australia – the methods, the resources needed and the outcomes.

Their research has found that there is a median reduction in stray cat numbers from 11.5 to 6.5 cats over a median of 2.2 years, with some kittens and friendly adults rehomed.

The median population reduction was 31%.

So, without killing the cats, cat numbers decline significantly.

You will be aware that there has often been an argument amongst people opposed to CCP that ‘Australia is different’. This study indicates otherwise.

The researchers’ conclusion:
“…trap, neuter and return associated with high desexing rates in colonies, and adoption of kittens and friendly adults, substantially reduces colony size, and improves the welfare of cats and kittens. This model is cost-effective for municipalities, and should be legalized in Australia.”

The research is peer-reviewed, meaning that a panel of experts have assessed it for scientific validity and found it to be sound.

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