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What is a Puppy Farm?

A puppy farm is an intensive breeding facility that operates under conditions that fail to meet a dog’s behavioral, social and physiological needs. Puppies are sometimes born into atrocious conditions with little or no ability to exercise, socialize, play or interact with humans. Inadequate veterinary and general care are also associated problems in puppy farms.

Puppies’ bred in such facilities usually develop long-term behavioral and sometimes health problems caused by poor conditions. Problems associated with poor socialization include fear, aggression and anxiety. Often, psychological or physical health problems are not identifiable upon purchase. Sometimes these deeply traumatized dogs are surrendered to pounds and shelters because owners are unable to manage their pet’s problems. This adds stress to pounds and shelters resulting in increased euthanasia rates and increased costs where funding is already scarce.


How may I help?

Research – knowing where your newest family member has come from is the best way to decrease this industry
Adopt – adopting over purchasing from a pet shop or online can ensure we are decreasing direct funding to this industry whilst saving the lives of homeless pets.
Advocate – compulsory breeder ID tagging will help transform the puppy breeding industry and allow tracking (and closure) of these inhumane facilities
Donate – donating to Australian Pet Welfare Foundation will help us in increasing awareness and allow us to take on this monumental task at an institutional level
Report – If you suspect a puppy farm may be operating nearby, report this problem to your local shelter or RSPCA.


Queensland moves to quash ‘brutal’ Puppy Farming

The Queensland Government has moved to crack down on puppy farms, with an estimated 100 operators in the state, some keeping dogs and puppies in cruel, cramped, and dirty conditions.





Puppy factories: An Ongoing Battle

Elvis, a rare field spaniel, was rescued from a puppy farm in Bankstown, Sydney, four years ago. He still doesn’t like being around other dogs, is wary of humans and whenever he’s ­anxious walks round and round in circles, the way he used to in his cramped little cage where he was used as a breeder for the first three years of his life.




Puppy Mills

Australia is failing to protect the animals we as a nation love most.

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