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We need you to help our friends…

More than 63% of Australian households own a pet and more than 83% of Australians have had a pet at some time in their lives. If you are planning on getting a new pet, adopt from a shelter, rescue or pound. If you can’t adopt, donate and help APWF ensure all adoptable and treatable dogs and cats in Australia find a forever home.

Animals in shelters and pounds have no voice.

But YOU have the power to save them by supporting the work of the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation. Your tax-deductible gift WILL make a difference!  Help us to improve the health and welfare of pets and save lives.


Your donation helps tens of thousands of pets across Australia to live and find a forever home.  With the research and data that APWF provides, pounds and shelters will change their practices and reduce the number of animals euthanased.


Volunteers make an enormous difference in helping APWF achieve positive results for the lives of dogs and cats. Their generosity in spirit and time is invaluable. Please help us to make a difference.


Tell us your story and let us tell the world!

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