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(NSW) Inquiry into the Veterinary Workforce Shortage in New South Wales

Australia is currently experiencing a critical veterinarian shortage. This shortage has existed for years and has been compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic. The current vet shortage is a complex problem and will require multiple solutions. High attrition rates and negative mental health are significant issues in the veterinary profession.

(NSW) Improving New South Wales rental laws

Pet ownership rates are high in Australia with a recent pet ownership boom during the Covid-19 pandemic. In Australia, 69% of households now own a pet, which is an increase from 61% just two years ago. Pets provide well-recognised significant physical, mental and economic benefits to people through pet companionship (AMA 2021).

(NSW) Inquiry into pounds in New South Wales

Cats present the most significant and longstanding management issue for NSW pounds. Unlike dogs, cat intake has remained relatively stable across NSW over the past decade. Euthanasia rates for cats are substantially higher than for dogs in NSW pounds, 9% of dogs are euthanased versus 32% of cats and kittens euthanased on average across NSW pounds.

(NSW) Lane Cove Wildlife Protection Areas

While the impact of feral cats on Australian native wildlife populations in natural environments is well-documented, there is no scientific evidence that domestic cats (cats that live in the vicinity of people), have any viability or conservation impacts at a population level on native wildlife.

(QLD) Strong Dog Laws: Safer Communities

Dog behaviour is determined by a combination of genetics (inheritance), life experiences (including training and socialisation with other animals and humans) and their environment (RSPCA 2023).

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