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We are proud to have such an enthusiastic Board of Directors dedicated to our cause.

Dr Jacquie Rand, BVSc, DVSc, MANZCVS, Dip. ACVIM (Int. Medicine)
Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland

Dr Jacquie Rand is an animal lover and long-time pet owner. She graduated from Melbourne University’s Bachelor of Veterinary Science program in 1975, and worked in veterinary practice for 8 years. She then spent 4 years doing a combined residency and doctorate program at the Ontario Veterinary College, Canada, followed by 3 years as a senior clinician at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Dr Rand is a registered specialist in small animal internal medicine in Australia, and a Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. In 1990 she returned to Australia to take up a senior academic position at the University of Queensland, and was appointed Professor of Companion Animal Health in 2001.

Dr Rand has been actively researching cat and dog nutrition and diabetes for more than 20 years, authoring over 100 journal articles, 115 abstracts, and 42 book chapters in international texts. She is the editor and major author of three books published by Elsevier and Wiley-Blackwell.

Key contributions include reducing the percentage of diabetic cats requiring life-long insulin administration from 85% to less than 10% through treatment with a long-acting insulin analogue and an ultra-low carbohydrate diet. These research findings have been implemented world-wide, and are the greatest single advance in management of feline diabetes in over 25 years.

Dr Rand’s research is aimed at improving the health and welfare of companion animals, and increasing the contribution they make to our lives. Currently, she is also involved in research programs in shelter medicine aimed at preventing unwanted and problem pets.

There is no relationship between the University of Queensland and APWF. APWF is a separate Not for Profit organisation working to improve the health and welfare of companion animals.

Anna Byrne

Anna specialises in solving complex people problems and shaping mindsets, decisions and behaviours. Having always been fascinated by people and how we work (both together and individually), she uses a combination of neuroscience, neuropsychology and behavioural economics in her work as a strategic advisor to boards, CEOs and leaders of large corporates and government agencies.

This includes working across a diverse range of areas, including:

» corporate and project strategy;

» cultural, engagement or change initiatives;

» board/leadership dynamics and performance

» effective decision-making; and

» significant business restructures.

Recently, she has also been working internationally on the impact of digitisation on decision-making and digital ethics (an area that combines her formal qualifications in law, psychology and political science).

Anna is passionate about helping leaders of all ages build their skills in tackling complex challenges and maximising their impact. She has co-authored brain-based programs and trainings focused on building personal leadership mastery, including Character-Based Leadership, The Hero’s Journey and Transformational Mastery. Anna also coaches leaders in critical thinking, influence, transformational project management, effective organisational change, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications. She also specialises in ‘visual strategy’, and has co-authored a program on using visual design to drive better decision-making and stakeholder engagement.

An experienced facilitator, Anna speaks internationally (for small and large audiences) on topics ranging from the biology of leadership to digital ethics. She is also co-author of Behavioral Economics for Business (launched in 2016 at the World Bank).

She is the owner of two rescue cats, Jasper and Dash.

Tom Schults

Tom Schults has extensive experience in managerial positions in the automotive Industry in the Netherlands and Australia. In 1994, he started his own Company, Mobicon Systems, which manufactures container lifting equipment for the transport industry and importers and exporters. He was a finalist in the Northern Region (Qld and NT) Entrepreneur of the Year, and a winner of the BHP Steel Award.

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