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Pets die when landlords say ‘NO’.

The figures are out and they’re shocking. Only 4% of Australian rental properties allow pets – making it almost impossible for pet-owning tenants to find a home.

Approximately 20,000 dogs and cats are euthanased in Australia each year because their owners could not find suitable rental accommodation.

For people like Susan, the rental pet ban can have devastating consequences. Read Susan’s story.

Tragically, Susan’s story is all too common. Research led by the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation’s Emeritus Professor Jacquie Rand shows that a staggering one in five pet surrenders are because their owners can’t find a pet-friendly home to rent.

When a dog or cat is surrendered to a pound, the outlook can be bleak. Current data shows that some pounds kill every second dog they receive – and 85-95% of cats.

With a third of Australians living in rented accommodation, that means that thousands of cherished pets are losing their lives each year because of landlords’ no-pet policies – and thousands of heartbroken owners are losing their best friends.

We want that to end – and we need your help. Our dedicated team are lobbying hard to make sure that one day, pets in rental properties are the norm, not the exception.

Read the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation submission to the Queensland and Victorian government’s review of banning unreasonable ‘no pets’ clauses in tenancy agreement as an example of how we influence policy to save lives.

Susan’s story could happen to anyone – there’s a good chance someone you know has already had to make the heartrending decision to give up their pets. So please contribute today towards a happier, healthier and ‘paws approved’ Australia.

Help us bring hope to homeless pets.

Advice for Tenants

It’s important to know your rights as a pet owner. These vary by dwelling type as well as by state of residence. Please see this Summary of your Rights.

There are a number of steps you can take to maximise the chance of your application being accepted. Please refer to our  Pet Resume & Tenancy Application Advice brochure for further information.

These resources were developed with the kind support of Rufus and Coco.

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