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Did you know…

Every year in Australia, 70,000 perfectly healthy and treatable dogs and cats are killed just because too many pounds, shelters, governments and communities follow outdated practices?

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

What’s even crazier is that it doesn’t have to be like this. There’s a way to get from 70,000 killings to zero – and you could be a part of that!

You could save dogs and cats like Winnie and Abby from being killed!


Abby was found as a tiny kitten and taken to a shelter. Luckily the shelter management had embraced best practice and had an extensive foster program. Tiny defenseless kittens like Abby are looked after until they can be found a loving forever home.

Winnie overcame a rough start to life before entering a shelter. Instead of being a happy, tumbley pup, she was shy and timid. It took her a while to trust people, but she finally dazzled prospective parents with her soft and sweet personality. Her confidence bloomed when she found a forever home with patient and loving people.


Winnie and Abby were lucky to find good homes. However, many pets just like them are not so lucky and have their healthy lives ended abruptly by euthanasia.

But whether dogs and cats like Winnie and Abby  find a forever home or become a euthanasia statistic depends on whether the pound or shelter manager and governments and communities are aware they can #GoZero. Have they implemented as many best practices as possible? The answer comes down to your support.

Did you know that half of all shelter workers directly involved with euthanasia develop post-traumatic stress. This leads to depression, substance abuse, high blood pressure, and tragically in some cases, suicide.

In USA, the animal rescue sector now has a suicide rate equal to the most traumatizing professions – firefighters and police.

Getting to Zero

We know it’s an ambitious target – we also know that it’s absolutely possible to #goZERO.

Here are 9 steps to Zero

The Plan for Zero

How do we plan to get there? We take a multi-faceted approach. But we can’t do it without your support.

Listen to our Executive Director’s presentation on

Saving Cats at the Getting to Zero conference.

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